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Question: Discuss about theReflection on the Research Process for Learning Experince. Answer: This essay is going to reflect my learning from the research process that has been conducted by me in due course of the study. A research process is indeed helpful to develop expertise and cognitive idea pertaining to a topic. Hence, it has helped me develop a clearer and fathomer understanding of the learning that I have been studying for years. Through the research I have tried to develop my understanding thus demonstrating my learning arena. The research paper was about the cyber attacks and the malpractices through the cyber cells. In this matter of fact, it can be stated that the specific understanding pertaining to overall cyber crime and the global movement has been highly inducing for me in its basic terms. Before reflecting deep into the topic, I would rather prefer to develop my idea on LE (Learning Experience). Learning Experience: Learning experience is an interaction, course or a program, in which learning takes place- irrespective of the setting (traditional or non- conventional). The traditional setting for the learning is nothing but the class rooms, schools or other academic institutions. On the contrary, the non-conventional learning experience is conducted through non- institutionalized process. This is a case that has to be taken into certain account whether an individual wants to focus on the specific learning setting. However, standing on 2017, the non-conventional setting or the non- institutionalized setting is prioritized. As a matter of fact, this has to be taken into certain account that empirical understanding has been quite effective in developing practical concepts and ideas on any area of subjects for a learner. This is how, in modern study, the empirical learning experience is given priority. Since this is highly practicality oriented process, the entire concept has to be developed through the basic concept of learning. Value of Learning Experience: Followings are the values of learning experience: It develops practical concept on any subject It helps create professional conceptualization of the subject of study It involves fun learning process thus engaging maximum number of the learners. It develops the potential to choose the behavioral concept associated with the learning activities It helps change the individual behavior and his or her tendency to encapsulate the entire knowledge of the subject through practical implementation Service of learning Experience: In this concept it can be stated that the specific understanding has to be taken into certain consideration pertaining to the effective understanding of how the specific course would be settled. The procurement of specific understanding has to be developed through effective consideration of the learning method. However, it needs to be taken into certain account that the service of learning experience is quite helpful for the assimilation of the learning process and thought generation through practical implementation. In my case, I have been highly benefited with different segments for the specification of the issues where I would be developing my knowledge in compliance with my practical understanding. Course: In the course, my subject understanding on cyber security would help me develop a cognitive idea. It would further help me increase my social awareness as it has direct involvement in my social understanding. As a matter of fact, it has the direct impact upon the basic understanding of the process with its different consequence. However there has been a specific reference for the curse development as well. For instance, the way I have involved myself in the process of investigation has led to the generation of its view at par. However, this has been taken into certain consideration pertaining to the effective understanding where the entire course depended on the concept development process more that getting mark in the assessments. There takes place the difference between examination and assessment. Through the course, I have developed the idea regarding the types of cyber security crimes- sabotage and breach. It has also provided me ample scope to study on the regulations and laws a ssociated with the criminal activities in different countries. Program: Through the programs on the laws and regulations associated with cyber security crime, I have had practical knowledge on how this is mitigated and fought against. This is highly effective for the purpose of special investigation process. My research paper have actually helped me develop a time frame of my own where I can identify my strength regarding the subject and my weakness as well. For instance, while going through the theoretical approach, I was highly effective for the special understanding of the cases where this would be taken into certain consideration for the effective understanding of the issues. Future Career: My learning experience would definitely uphold the specific skills to find out how effective I would be for the development process. In this case, it needs to be taken into account that the entire understanding has to be developed through the practical implementation of my learning. In this process it has to be taken into certain understanding that the specific issue for the purpose would be highly impactful for career development. However, this would be highly effective for the general understanding of career development. Since I would prefer to choose my career depending on what I have learned in these days from the course and the programs, I would consider this topic and the research process highly impactful to determine how effectively I would go along with the changing mode of studies. The Learning Process: My learning process was stringently based on practical understanding cyber security and cyber crime. In this process I afforded to develop my thinking and calculating skill pertaining to web development and web analysis. In terms of web content analysis, I had to develop some certain skills on how the websites are hacked. Through the knowledge development process, I gradually started understanding the core concept. Application of Learning; In terms of application, I would consider myself and drive myself to ardent dedication for the specific learning method. In this aspect, the basic understanding has to be taken into certain understanding that the basic course has to be taken into specific case where the learning would be taken place. My application would be on the mitigation and restriction of cyber security issues. Reference: Bellman, S., Burgstahler, S. and Ladner, R., 2014. Work-based learning experiences help students with disabilities transition to careers: A case study of University of Washington projects.Work,48(3), pp.399-405. Fink, L.D., 2013.Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses. John Wiley Sons. Fink, L.D., 2013.Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses. John Wiley Sons. Kolb, D.A., 2014.Experiential learning: Experience as the source of learning and development. FT press. Nonis, S.A., 2014. CREATING TRANSFORMATIVE LEARNING EXPERIENCES FOR STUDENTS IN A BASIC INTERNATIONAL MARKETING COURSE.Patrick D. Fountain, p.114.

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